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August 1, 2022

Maybe you’ve talked about licensing deals, or tried them in the past and didn’t succeed. They can be difficult to pull off, but when they work… they work! Let us add some firepower to your next licensing partnership. With our flavor-matching technology and applications expertise, we can meet the challenge of the most discriminating brand approval processes. We can also assist with preliminary introductions, deal structuring, & negotiations. If you’re curious about licensing opportunities for your brand, let’s talk.

Go Big! National Brand Collaborations Drive Sales

While it’s true that the brand licensing game has been in full swing for several years now, that does not mean that all the “big brands” are taken. Our customers have worked with some of the biggest brand names in their quest for flavor collaborations, and the bigger brands have very experienced in-house licensing teams (or agencies) that don’t waste anyone’s time in finding a good fit. Many popular old-school or nostalgic brands can make great flavor licensing partners. From theater candy to breakfast cereal brands; today’s grown-up consumers still love their favorite childhood brands.

Brand Licensing 101

  • Prepare your product/brand for partnership discussions (sales projections, distribution agreements, marketing plans)
  • Identify potential brand partners (you’ll need several)
  • Contact and prioritize potential brand partners
  • Define your ‘guarantee’ and ‘overage’ payments
  • Guarantee payments are usually a combination of fee and the first year of sales
  • Overage payments are the commission rate (between 3-5% of wholesale sales) above the guarantee
  • Pitch the collaboration/make offers to your best prospects
  • Match the flavors, gain approval from both organizations
  • Scale up, put the marketing plans in motion, ship product
  • Sell, sell, sell.

Second Tier/Up-and-Coming Brands Can Be Amazing

Don’t limit your partnerships to the top 5 selling national brands. Consumers are also interested in the new, the fresh, and the trending. Partner with a less established brand for far less money, and watch the sales increase. If the partner brand has some level of trending growth and “talk value” you can grow your brands together.

Lifestyle and Influencer Branding

There are times when a clear brand partner is either unavailable or unattainable. Don’t despair, consumers love co-branding even when they may not recognize the specific company. In branding terms, we call these types of associations, “Lifestyle Brands” and modern influencers can be found in every lifestyle segment. Small companies and even just custom-designed logos that are clearly part of a specific lifestyle can be powerful marketing tools. Surf style, skate style, gamer style, glamour, hippie, indie, urban, hip-hop, midwestern, environmentalist, etc. Each of these “lifestyles” has niche brands and flavors, influencers, and associations that can align your product with their group. Flavor collaborations and brand licensing arrangements can be created with all of these lifestyle segments as limited-time offers, seasonals, or trending flavors.

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