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Active lifestyle  consumers are a demanding bunch. They want no / low calorie, all natural, functional food and beverages that taste amazing. It’s a good thing you found us. Sensapure designs and manufactures flavor systems for all kinds of nutrition, food, and beverage products for these, the most demanding customers.

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With speedy response times, the new Sensapure store is your go to destination to get great tasting flavors into your products fast.

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If your in-house product development team isn’t formulating with Sensapure’s custom flavors, extracts, FMPs, masking agents and enhancers, you’re working too hard. We provide liquid and powder flavor systems built for today’s active lifestyle consumer --  for all product types. Drop us a note and get your customized flavor library headed your way.

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Flavor Making Capabilities

From simple flavor dry blends to complex washed extracts, Sensapure can design and manufacture the flavor systems you need. Our in-house Flavor Lab, Product Development Lab, Flavor Applications Lab, Sensory Lab and full manufacturing center with four different classes of spray dryers can handle most any flavor request.

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Let our team of certified flavor chemists and product development experts help your product ideas to step up, stand out, and deliver the exact customer experience you are looking for.

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"Our products have some really hard-to-mask active ingredients. We’ve tried several other flavor houses, and Sensapureseems to do a better job with our toughest formulas time and time again."

– Morgan, VP Product Development 

"It Smells Wonderlicious In Here!

—Raegan, Age 3

“Sensapure doesn’t just send us flavors, they invite us over to solve product development challenges we are having. And they solve them.”

– Lindsey, R&D Manager

“I share my ideas, and product requirements; andin just a few days the Sensapure Team turns them into amazing concepts.”

– Mark, Brand Owner

Best-selling products simply taste better

The days of having a functional beverage or active nutrition product that your customers say,  “Tastes pretty good for being so healthy,” are over. If you want to create great tasting products for the active lifestyle consumer, you’ve come to the right place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- Sampling and Projects

What is your standard sample amount?

Our standard sample amountis 50g. Talk with your account manager if you need a larger size and we will be happy to work with you.

What are the usage rates for your flavors?

Usage rates will vary depending on the flavor, application, and desired flavor profile. The more information you can give us about your product will help us narrow down the best starting usage rate for you. If you are still in the experimentation phase of your product development, all samples will come labeled with a general start usage. Keep in mind that the general start usage may not work for your product as it is just a suggestion.

What is the shelf life of your flavors?

The shelf life will depend on the flavor, but the average range is 6-12 months. All flavor samples come labeled with the standard shelf life for that particular flavor and a lot number for when it was made.

- Ordering and Production

What are your MOQ’s?

For powder flavors: 100lbs
For liquid flavors 35lbs

What are your standard lead times for orders?

5 Weeks

Are your flavors made in house?

All our flavors are made in our manufacturing plant located at:
1945 S. Fremont Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

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