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We Don’t Just Make Flavors — We Turn Concepts Into Commercialized Success

January 1, 2023

Sensapure Flavors was born in a manufacturing plant. We know that having custom-built, affordable flavor systems is only half of the battle when creating new consumer beverages. This expertise allows us to offer the nutrition and beverage industries additional specialized services well beyond that of a typical flavor house.

We work with middle market, entrepreneurial, and select multinational sports nutrition and beverage brands to provide not just natural and organic flavor systems, but product development services and even turnkey custom ingredient kits. Our track record of working with a wide variety of supplement grade active ingredients (translation: really horrible tasting nutrients, stimulants, and natural sweeteners) has given us the ability to assist customers with their product innovation needs.

Can I Get Custom Flavors in Pre-mix Beverage Kits?

Yes. Yes you can.

Our in-house master flavorists and certified flavor chemists can create any customized flavor systems you need — this on top of our extensive flavor formula library of liquid and powdered flavors. Sensapure can produce any of these imaginable flavors as liquids, (alcohol, water and oil soluble), or powders (plated, spray dried, and agglomerated). These flavors are also available in Natural, Natural & Artificial, Artificial & Organic versions; making them compatible with any and all nutrition, food, or beverage application. We also offer a wide assortment of customized bitter blockers, masking agents, and flavor enhancers that work on specific active ingredient taste profiles. All of our flavors are FDA approved, cGMP, and certified Kosher.

While any of our powdered or liquid flavors can be ordered individually — in most any quantity needed — some of our customers choose to purchase our turnkey beverage kits. These pre-mixed kits allow your bottler to receive all the ingredients (flavors and functionals) needed for a finished good run from one source, reducing the cost and time needed to transform your beverage concept into a commercialized success.

Win / Win / Win

Having a functional, tasty, and economical premix can revolutionize your beverage business. With Sensapure Flavors as your partner, your beverage pre-mix can contain all of your functional, nutritional, and flavor system ingredients in one custom blend**. Whether you’re blending vitamins, natural stimulants, minerals, amino acids, or non-sugar natural sweeteners; we can help you develop and source a customized pre-mix for your RTD beverage.

The Innovators Will Inherit the Growth

Consumers are a fickle bunch. Always looking for the new and exciting. If your growth plan includes exploring unique ingredients in your pre-mix; Sensapure can help. With our in-house product development team of food scientists and flavor chemists, Sensapure can provide the technical support that will give your beverage concept a head-start in today’s competitive landscape.

Creating and sourcing a winning pre-mix will bring increased efficiency, reduce the number of raw materials you would need to hold and contribute to a better-tasting beverage. Working with our team of product development professionals, you will increase the scientific innovation of your concept, create additional IP and formula protection, and reduce your bottling / co-packing costs — all while delivering increased product consistency to your customer.

Support and Service, Every Step of the Way.

Every beverage is unique. Some take a fairly common formula and find a way to deliver the drink experience in a totally new way. Others begin as a crazy idea that finds their way to market after solving a dozen problems along the path. No matter where you are in the journey of turning your new product idea into a reality, Sensapure can help. We offer a full complement of formulation, operational, and support services to help you launch and grow your dream.

**Some formulations do require multiple shipping packs for stability reasons.

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