Flavor Technology At Sensapure

Introducing solutions to the three biggest problems in nutraceutical powdered flavor systems today. 1) Aroma impact, 2) Shelf life stability, 3) Base matrix incompatibility.

What are our flavor technologies?

At Sensapure Flavor Company, we build flavors for some of the world’s top nutrition brands using cutting-edge flavor technology, and
in doing so, have solved some of the biggest issues Nutraceutical brands and manufacturers face… Introducing:

SensAromaTM (In stability testing)
It’s that POP! of aroma that comes when the package is opened. Fresh, potent and full of anticipation… But over time, aroma can fade. The solution? SensAromaTM. Imagine an aroma POP! each time your customer opens your package.

(In formulation) Flavor encapsulation is not new, it’s just VERY expensive. SensaCapTM is a new, more economical solution that adds many months to the shelf life of every product.

SensaBuiltTM (In development)
Each mix of active ingredients poses specific flavoring challenges. A pre-workout base will interact with a flavor system very differently than a protein or BCAA base, thus creating different flavor profiles when using the same flavor keys. SensaBuiltTM takes our many years of experience with all of these pesky actives, and has created a process that customizes the flavor keys for specific applications.

Ask your partnering manager how Sensapure Flavor Technology can give your products a boost in the marketplace today.

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